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Our site is organized by specific brands & models, cup sizes, and types of rice cookers. Each tab directs visitors to a more detailed page where they can learn more facts about each individual model or type of cooker along with discovering quick comparisons and recommendations of similar models.

What Type of Rice Cooker do I Need?

To help answer that question it is better to understand the needs of you and/or your household first.

There are many types of these appliances, each that come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and of course price. Some units will just cook rice...while others are multi-purpose and will perform as a slow cooker, food steamer, or pressure cooker.

To help break it down, keep in mind:

  • cup sizes range from 3 cups to 20 cups
  • some models are round, while others are square or rectangular
  • can be made of plastic or stainless steel...with or without non stick bowls
  • price can range from $25 to $400+
  • many models are computerized (known as Fuzzy Logic) and will cook rice at a much higher quality...but require longer cooking times to achieve this
  • there are computerized units that offer induction heating and/or pressure cooking for even better flavor and texture

  • some cookers come with steaming features for preparing vegetables, seafood, and chicken (both basic and computerized models)
  • some units come with slow cooking and bread/cake baking settings
  • and certain models will simply outperform and cook rice better than others

To be certain on what the right type of rice cooker for you will be overall, the above features & benefits are covered in all our review articles.

Also note that not all rice is the same, brown rice, mixed rice, jasmine rice, and wild rice require different cooking times than regular white rice. Some units handle different rice types more precisely than others.

Some popular buys are Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cookers which receive a nice amount of positive customer reviews.

Quick Buying Tips

1) Although the more expensive fuzzy logic rice cooker models may seem attractive, ask yourself how often you will be using it. If frequently, then these items are worth the investment.

2) How much counter space can you spare? Do your measurements before purchasing...some models can be quite large depending on cup size. Also pick a spot that is close to an outlet.

3) How many people do you cook rice for? Use your answer to determine your cooker cup capacity.

4) Do you like steamed vegetables, shrimp, or chicken? Some models come with a steamer basket.

5) How long does it take you to complete a meal? We state this since some rice cooking units can take over an hour or longer to make a large portion (especially brown rice). Synchronize your separate food cooking times along with the unit.

6) Will your new appliance fit the decor of your kitchen?

7) What types of rice do you usually cook? As we mentioned before there are units that are better for cooking different varieties since they offer specific settings for each. Always keep in mind that there is a slight learning curve using any rice cooker to get the perfect batch of your liking!

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